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Powerful "New Neighbor"
Outreach Letter
Allows Your Church to

Connect With New Area

Pastor Logan Wolf of Crosspoint Church, Provo Utah says... 

"We’ve been using NewMoverNames.com for almost five years now and it has become a key component of our outreach efforts. We regularly see first-time guests in our services as a result of the simple invitation they received in the mail.

It has been exciting to connect with these families! In fact, last night our church started a new small group and two of those in attendance had started coming to our church two months prior because of the letter we sent them.

If you’ve never tried using new mover names, I encourage you to do so!"

Download HERE the Actual Letter Crosspoint Church Uses

And Send to the new people in YOUR neighborhood!

You'll also need a list of New Residents in your area...

Find Out How Many New People Move Into Your Area
and Learn How to Get Started

Note... Pastor Logan of Crosspoint Church, as is the case with most pastors, is a very busy person.

Therefore please direct all inquiries or questions to my attention, 
Mike Shields


I can be reached at 540-657-1737 or mike@NewMoverNames.com, Thank you!

Download Now & Use for Your Church

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